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Monday, February 14, 2005

What's in the Blue Window, Kids?

Ahhh, another day, another example of left wing nastiness and stupidity (via Oliver and Eschaton)

I don't really get the whole 'We hate Glenn' screamfest - seemingly spearheaded by Atrios and Oliver, surely the least attractive cheerleaders in history. I've been reading Instapundit for years and I've never really thought of him as anything other than reasonably balanced. Sure, he does occasionally tend to favour our side of the political fence, but he's not exactly pushing the right wing boat out, is he? Or maybe I'm just not paying enough attention.

Anyway, I take issue with Jonathan of Blogoland's claim that there is any real hypocrisy going on. There's a big difference between drawing attention to the sexual peccadilloes of Jeff Gannon and giving airtime to an infidelity story that could have potentially destroyed Kerry's Presidential campaign (in an election that was played anything but cleanly). Kerry's supposed infidelity, far from being a side story, was the story. Gannon's story is very different. The meat of the scandal is his connection to the White House - his ownership of domains such as is just embarassing tat, and not fit for serious discussion.

On the subject of things that aren't fit for serious discussion, simpleton Oliver Willis asks how a male hooker with $20,000 of tax debt get press credentials. Hey, didn't we just cover this?

While I'm in the general area of media scandals, I'll put in the obligatory Eason Jordan opinion. For the record, I don't think he should be out of a job. Hell, if I got fired every time I said something stupid I'd - wait a minute, I do get fired every time I say something stupid. OK, speaking as someone in the same boat as Eason, I think we should have cut the asshat a little slack. Everyone puts their foot firmly in their mouth every now and then. Unfortunately he didn't take the initiative, step forward and apologise. Instead he backtracked, muttered something about being taken out of context and eventually ran away, tail between his legs.

For future reference, the only way - the only way - to get out of a fix like that is to put on your most honest, aw shucks expression and apologise. Mr Jordan, repeat after me:

'Ahm Sawry... I shouldna oughta said that.'

Oh, and don't claim the military assasinate their countrymen - no, not even if you have cast-iron proof. Damned idiot monkey.


Dean agrees.

'Nother Update

Back to the Gannon story, Wizbang's Paul points out the difference between Gannon and Jordan. As usual, it seems that the right are right. Sure, we're not always the good guys - this time, however, it seems we are.

Meanwhile, Oliver Willis reports that Rawstory claims to have found a link between Gannon and Press Secretary Scott Mclellan - after an anonymous source said Mclellan frequented gay bars in Texas. Hell, I've frequented gay bars. It doesn't make me gay.

This from the 'tolerant' left.
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