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Monday, May 12, 2003

Al Qaeda Pyramid Terror Scheme

Got a cause? Having no luck drawing global attention? Well, here's the solution.

Just two years ago we were in the same position as you. We'd tried all the usual methods to promote our cause. We knew we had a good product - Islamic Fundamentalism - but no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't get the publicity.

We submitted to all the major search engines, sent out e-mails to our target demographic, advertise in newspapers, magazines and e-zines with no luck. Then we discovered the patented Al Qaeda Pyramid Terrorism scheme.

Here's how it works :-

1. Register with your local Al Qaeda terrorist cell - no initial outlay. That's right - it's FREE.

2. Wait for your confirmation e-mail from the cell. It should arrive with 7 working days (allow 14 days during Ramadan and other religious holidays).

3. Simply follow the instructions in the e-mail. Blow up an embassy, hijack a plane, or release anthrax spores in a major western city.

Once we'd followed these simple instructions we saw a 500% increase in awareness. That's no typo - 500%! What's more, you can earn more credit through your own downline. For every 5 terrorist groups you refer to the scheme you can earn up to 500 infidel deaths!

I know what you're thinking. This must be a scam! Nobody could promise that many deaths and still turn a profit. But it's no scam, my friend. You get your deaths and media exposure, and Al Qaeda get credited with the attacks. Everybody wins!

Here's a testimonial from oe satisfied customer :-

"We recently caused the deaths of many Americans in a Saudi Arabia terrorist attack. It cost nothing to join the Al Qaeda network, we got the chance to strike the heart of the infidels, and Al Qaeda were credited with the attack. We were happy, Al Qaeda were happy, and President Bush was happy (he likes to blame everything on Al Qaeda now Saddam is gone). We'd recommend the scheme to anyone!"

So, get in touch today and you could be earning INSTANT credit! This is a one-time only offer. Don't delay!
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