Bits and Pieces

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Spirit of America

The Victory Coalition are lagging way behind Castle Argghhh! in the fundraising stakes. Why not go and give some of your pocket money to Spirit of America. You kids'll only waste it otherwise.

The coalition members are all doing crazy stuff to pull in the cash. Kevin Aylward is selling boobies for your bucks, Jim at Snooze Button Dreams is offering a short story (bet the party never stops over there). Strangely, Jim seems to have worked out a method of blogging from 26th April. Maybe he should auction his DeLorean. Michele at A Small Victory is offering 72 virgins to all contributors (I'm not sure she can grant that, but it's an easier route than martyrdom).

The American Mind is giving away donuts, and Overtaken By Events is offering to host a free blog.

Meanwhile, the auction is over at Castle Argghhh! The GAU-8 Avenger cannon round goes to King Ghidorah. Finally, Rosemary is threatening to disrobe. Dean must be very proud.
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