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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Stupid Damned Deck of Cards

This is truly disgusting. I just received the worst e-mail I have ever seen. Copying the deck of cards showing faces of Iraq's most wanted list, a company has produced a deck of cards showing the ' "Deck of Weasels", America's Worst'. I won't tell you the name of the company in case some of you decide to buy these pieces of shit.

The deck includes such people as Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen and George Clooney.

These people depend on popular support to make money. If you don't like a person you will not pay to see movies in which they star. Sensing that the mood of America was in support of this stupid war, these people still used their right of free speech to speak out against tyranny. Even when it appeared that the majority of you had decided that you would turn off your brains and support Bush in chasing his windmills, these brave PATRIOTS forfeited their own success by speaking out against a war they didn't believe in, and which was bad for the nation they love.

The result of this has been hate mail, declining support in the box office and death threats, but still they continue to support the cause they believe in. They have been called traitors and anti-American, all because they chose to stand up for what they believe in. Whether or not you agree with their position, the claim that these good people are anti-American is ludicrous.

When the day arrives that citizens of the US are attacked for supporting a just cause for the sole reason that their 'President' disagrees, America has lost it's status as the 'Land of the Free'.
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