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Sunday, February 15, 2004

British Spy Op Wrecked Peace Move

A joint British and American spying operation at the United Nations scuppered a last-ditch initiative to avert the invasion of Iraq, The Observer can reveal.

Adolfo Aguilar, the former Mexican ambassador to the UN, claimed that US officials intervened before the invasion of Iraq to halt talks with the aim of giving weapons inspectors more time.

As the talks were held in secret, it is suspected that the Americans found out about them through illegal surveillance.

Aguilar Zinser said that it was clear that the Americans knew about the talks through surveillance. 'When they [the US] found out, they said, "You should know that we don't like the idea and we don't like you to promote it." '

The Mexican government confirmed last week that diplomatic letters were sent to Straw last December asking him to clarify whether GCHQ was involved in spying on its UN allies. They have yet to receive a response. The Foreign Office refused to comment on the new allegations.

The most important question that must be asked is why has this story not received any attention over in the US? Could it be that if it proves to be true it could further extend the rift that exists between the US and UN, whose relationship was stretched to breaking point over the invasion of Iraq?

This adds credence to the belief that Bush and Blair were determined to take down Hussein at all costs.
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