Bits and Pieces

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Apathy Sets In

Its only been a few days since I decided to start posting again (the general public, alas, has yet to notice). As soon as I began to think about what subjects to write about it occurred to me that I no longer have this deep loathing for George Bush. I'm not saying he'll be on my Christmas card list any time soon, just that I'm finding it impossible to really work up a big head of steam.

Maybe this is the result of my leaving education. Back when I set up the site I was still in my fourth and final year at university, and mixed with students (read Bush-hating tofu-eaters) every day. It's easy to slide into the habit of hating Georgy boy, and a lot of fun to boot. Once I left uni the urge just kinda faded away.

Anyway, I'll probably change the name of the site when my domain name expires in May. It's putting people off and attracting some really weird e-mails. Almost every piece of mail I get comes from 15-year olds. I want some grown-up mail, dammit!
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