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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Coca-Cola Suffers Tap Water Backlash

Last week it was revealed that the bottled water Dasani, bottled by the Coca-Cola Company, is actually sourced from Kentish tap water.

Coca-Cola, who have invested £7 million in the UK launch of the product, are desperately trying to undo the damage done by the news. However, they need someone to confiscate their shovel to stop them from digging themselves into an even deeper hole.

Coca-Cola have shifted their marketing of the product to extoll the virtues of their 'purified' tap water, that goes through four different stages of purification before it is bottled.

Coca-Cola says "reverse osmosis", "a technique perfected by Nasa to purify fluids on spacecraft", is then used to filter the water further before minerals are added to "enhance the pure taste".

Finally, "ozone" is injected to keep the water sterile, the company says.

However, the company that supplies mains water for Kent are unimpressed.

"Tap water is pure, and that's the opinion of the drinking water inspectorate, which carries out three million checks a year."

So. Coca-Cola have managed to present the image that they have deceived the British public in an affort to sell them tap water at a hugely inflated price - water they have already paid for in their rates - and then gone on to insult the water board that supplies their water.

The result? The newsagents on the way to work are selling Dasani at 3 for the price of one. If Dasani was an animal, it would be a crapweasel.
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