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Tuesday, May 04, 2004


This is a disturbing statistic (hat tip: Michael Totten)

We were all shocked when we heard reports of torture in Iraq at the hands of our troops. Well, actually, I wasn't at all surprised, but I tend to think the worst of people as a matter of course, so you probably shouldn't pay much attention.

What upsets me is the fact that there are at least 109413 people breathing my air who support torture. People supposedly on our side. And these 100,000+ are only those who took part in the poll. Who knows how many there are who didn't (or those who answered 'no' but were thinking 'yes' in their black little hearts)?

There are people in my country - the people who drive my bus to work, the people who make me my bacon butty in the morning, the people who pay my wage, who believe that it is justified to attach wires to the testicles of prisoners, and apply electrical current. They believe that we are entitled to deprive prisoners of food and water, lock them in a dark, rat-infested cell, abuse them physically and mentally, until they give up whatever information we think they hold.

There are people in my country who saw the pictures of tortured Iraqi detainees, and thought 'good'.

Whose side are these people on? If we're fighting to protect them, why?
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