Bits and Pieces

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Back in Contact

I had nothing special to do today, so I called my optician and booked myself in for a contact lens check. For those of you who have been reading for a while (yeah, both of you), I had to dump my lenses a couple months back after my optician, upon examining my eyes, said 'Jesus!' under his breath - not the most reassuring words.

Anyway, after two months of glasses my eyes are back to full strength, so back to the contacts (with a new sense of caution about their overuse this time). I've just put them back in, and boy do I feel dizzy (yes I do, for those of you who have difficulty with rhetorical questions). Everything looks huge, and I've been sitting here for the past five minutes staring at my hands while moving them closer and further from my face - a la stoner.
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