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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Evil, Thy Name is George

I'm sure most of you have worked for a boss you don't get along with. My guy is named George. When I started my current job he was my immediate superior. He soon got promoted to floor manager, and I transferred to Wall Street Journal. All went well enough for about a year. Our paths didn't often cross and there were no fireworks.

But then he told me I had to work Saturdays. I refused (5 days a week is bad enough), and it was downhill from there. Since then we've argued at least once a week. he's taken every opportunity to keep me behind after hours and strip me of my commission.

Last week George took me aside and told me he didn't want me working for Wall Street Journal anymore, despite exceeding targets every month since I started. I'm understandably pissed off by this. I've worked on the Wall Street campaign for the last 7 months, and I put everything I have into it. I'm damned good at my job.

I've now been transferred to a pointless position in the company, into the kind of job they give to school leavers and temps with no experience or intelligence. I've had to go through two days of being trained to do a job I could do in my sleep. While drunk. And dead.

I had been told by my old manager that I was free to remain working for Wall Street Journal if I wished, but that I would be a marked man as far as George was concerned, and would be eventually fired, so I moved to the shitty position to protect my job.

But it wasn't enough. Yesterday I was handed a letter informing me of a disciplinary hearing about my conduct. It's a petty charge meant to stick the boot in as far as it will go, and it sucks. Anyway, I'm sitting here reading about the employment law relating to harrassment at work, and then I'm going to the pub to get drunk. Have a good night, all.
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