Bits and Pieces

Sunday, October 17, 2004

New York Times Endorses Kerry

I'm shocked. SHOCKED! Who could have expected that the New York Times would back Kerry?

Michele notes that of 23 paragraphs in the piece, only 3 focus on why Kerry is good, the other 20 read like an anti-Bush manifesto.

Kevin at Wizbang points out that while most of their reasons for the endorsement boil down to 'because he's not Bush', the few pro-Kerry reasons don't really amount to much.

Even confirmed left-wingers like Atrios complain that the article looks, and I quote, as if it were written in crayon.

Meanwhile, Blogs For Bush finds the whole thing a bit laughable. They say if a member of the Bush administration found a cure for cancer the NYT headline would be 'Bush Administration Actions Threaten Cancer Researchers Employment'

Chris Short over at Our Life has a question we should be asking the Times.

Meanwhile, the UN claims that Kerry caused the death of 50 Haitians. Seems like a very tenuous link to me, but who am I to doubt the UN?
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