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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Democrat

Now this is just silly. Matthew Gross of Deride and Conquer likens Democrats to abused spouses (via Eschaton). How can this tripe be taken seriously by anyone? Honestly. Look, Democrats aren't being victimised. They're not being abused, beaten or oppressed. Republicans aren't drunken louts, storming through the door with a bellyful of beer and a belt clasped in their right hand. The left lost. Not because they are abused or oppressed, but because more voters agreed with the platform of the Republicans than the Democrats. No potential Democratic voters were too afraid to go to their polling places Nov. 2, afraid of the repercussions. It's really as simple as that. Better luck next time (sincerely, I look forward to the day I can return to the Democrat fold, but I'll stay away until they can stop with this whining, mewling attitude).

Drawing a comparison between Democrats and abused spouses is, at the very least, offensive to the abused. A rather more accurate analogy, in my opinion, would be of an ageing spinster, so convinced of her own beauty that she has spurned the advances of every man who ever showed interest, baffled at the fact that she is alone. Her plaintive cry is not 'Why did they beat me?' but 'Why do they not love me?'.

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