Bits and Pieces

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Google AdSense Campaign

In response to a suggestion by Scott Hanselman (hat tip: Michele) I'll be donating all my revenue from my Google Ads (those orange things over there) to disaster relief funds. I've only had them up about 5 days, so the revenue is pitiful at the moment, but every penny counts.

Scott says, 'The power of blogging isn't citizen journalism, it's the power to start a movement'.

And as I said yesterday, 'We have an opportunity here that we've never had before. The blogosphere has reached the point at which we have literally millions of people every day online.'

It's a bit of a dodgy subject, as Google might see this as an attempt by bloggers to generate clicks on the ads, but I guess we can do it until they tell us not to.
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