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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Patriotism Redux

My brother has a new post up at his blog Thinkingrockshard - Fields of Gold:-

By observing the effects of those fields on our reality we can deduce a posteriori that they are in nature dynamic and relatively ephemeral. In my post of December 9th, I imagined an earth pre-civilisation, pre-patriot field. These governing fields are finite, existing for a time before being replaced. They cannot cease to exist, when not manifesting in our reality they exist only as a potentiality, but exist they do. For example, within that space occupied by all potential governing fields there will exist a field for slavery and a field for killing a bison with a sharpened stone and a field for ritual sacrifice of first born sons and a field for considering the earth to be the centre of the universe. All that these fields require to manifest are the necessary hospitable environments. None of the above examples are likely to find hospitable conditions with which to manifest again but at certain points in the history of ideas those conditions did exist which allowed the fields to flourish as governors of human behaviour.

To which I reply, 'Wha'?'
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