Bits and Pieces

Monday, January 03, 2005

Hola from the Island, Part 2

Aw, crap. After writing about the deceptive heat yesterday I went and ignored my own warning and came down with a case of heat exhaustion. I spent last night tossing and turning for 8 hours with a delirious hallucination that I was in a town ravaged by a tsunami. Everything was blanketed in white (probably because of my white bedsheets), and people kept handing me tools to fix the town. My hands passed through the tools, and I was getting frustrated that I wasn't making any progress. Everything aches now. I´ve got this bone-deep pain and I feel nauseous.

It's entirely my fault. I don't drink water as a matter of course. I don't like the stuff, so I drink litres of Diet Coke instead. Basically I'm in a constant state of dehydration, a fact that doesn't really matter in the frigid north of England. Unfortunately, as soon as I stepped into the beating equatorial sun my body gave up the ghost. Guess I'll have to reacquaint myself with H2O. That could be pricy, since the tap water on the island is undrinkable due to its high mineral content.
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