Bits and Pieces

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Just a quick one. The early clouds have burned away and the sun is shining again on my formerly pasty, now singed skin.

Stephen has renamed his project Iraq Elections Blog to Iraq Elections Diatribes, mostly due to the, uh, lack of hard news and surfeit of opinionated ramblings in the posts and comments. For one, I like a bit of opinionated tat in my reading. If I want hard news I'll read a paper. If I want screaming, frothing at the mouth commentary I have the good old blogosphere. I look forward to getting home so I can get back to contributing my own shouty words to IED and Sortapundit. In the meantime, I got me some burnin' to do. Now where did I put that turkey baster?

Oh, and that heat exhaustion I complained about? It was just a cold.

God damn, I'm a wuss.
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