Bits and Pieces

Friday, April 01, 2005

When They Said There Was No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, They Weren't Kidding

Aw crap. I got caught.

'Our records indicate that your account has been deactivated. '

Dear Keith Taylor, The purpose of this letter is to inform you that your publisher account has been removed from the CJ Network and your earnings have been reversed ("charged-back") from your account and credited back to the relevant advertiser(s). This is the result of non bona fide transactions identified by the latest audit performed on your account. Non bona fide transactions include false, self inflated, and/or duplicate leads or transactions. You are not eligible to rejoin the CJ Marketplace and any attempt to do so will result in immediate termination and reversal.

Well, that's £150 I won't be seeing. Thanks for your help anyway, guys.

I wonder if Oliver Willis will enjoy his second mortgage, though.
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