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Monday, March 28, 2005

My Friends

It is with a heavy heart that I must today report that I am conceding defeat against the forces of Basil's Blog and his mighty Coalition.

The war began well, with some significant early gains for the League of Sortapundit. We managed to steal the terms "Strip clubs in Ohio with midget strippers" and "Jamie Lynn Spears Naked" from Basil, the slumbering giant.

However, these early victories masked a basic lack of strategy on our part. While we were rejoicing our early dominance, Basil's Coalition were quietly plotting their own coup, orchestrated by a stealthy email campaign. Within a few short days Basil had managed to steal the term "Sortapundit" from under our very noses. Let that be a lesson to all those who decide to rest on their laurels. You are at your weakest when you think you are strongest.

From there it went downhill quickly. Morale slumped, and Basil's growing Coalition continued to make gains, not only regaining their lost terms, but further fortifying their positions in the rest of the Sacred Seven. It soon became clear that the war was all but lost.

However, our British resolve and stiff-upper-lippedness helped us soldier on long after the war was lost.

Today, however much it hurts, we must accept that we have bean vanquished by a worthy foe. Basil's dedication and alliance-building skills assured him victory from the off. After secret talks in an undisclosed location (it was actually a Denny's just outside Frederick, Maryland) we agreed that hostilities must end to prevent further needless losses.

But there is no shame in defeat. The enemy was simply better prepared. To paraphrase the author of my favourite trashy novel:

Winning may not be everything, but losing isn't nothing.

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Honourable and worthy foes, one and all.

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