Bits and Pieces

Friday, February 13, 2004

Kerry Scandal Breaks Across the Web

How much truth is there to the rumours of John F Kerry's infidelity? Many bloggers are of the opinion that it's nothing more than a dirty tactic to undermine the candidacy. I myself wouldn't put it past a powerful politician to carry on an affair with a younger woman (hey, there's a first time for everything). Whatever the truth, I guess we'll found out next week if the rumours are true that Time magazine will be outing Kerry.

Ultimately, this can mean nothing but trouble for the Democratic campaign. To have the front-runner replaced by a second- or third-placed candidate would be a fantastic coup for Bush's re-election campaign. Could he ask for more (barring the unlikely possiblility of taking Bin Laden into custody)?

If the story holds water, most would assume that Kerry would be forced to bow out of the race (a course of action that Edwards and Dean will no doubt be gleefully rubbing their hands over).

Anyway, I'm keeping my beady eye on the news.
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