Bits and Pieces

Monday, February 16, 2004

John Kerry Infidelity: Hoax?

A few things about this John Kerry intern story don't seem to add up. The one that's making me think the most is the claim that Alex Polier, the alleged mistress, has been spirited out of the country at the behest of Kerry until the story blows over.

However, I find this idea hard to believe, especially following the news that Polier filmed a kiss-and-tell video to be aired on a US TV network. The expose was apparently filmed around christmas time. If this is true, then why would Polier bother to agree to leave the country?

My own belief is that this is all just so much hot air, cooked up by parties unknown in an effort to cast a shadow over Kerry's campaign success.

The proof will be in the pudding, though, as the network probably won't sit on the tape forever.
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