Bits and Pieces

Sunday, March 28, 2004


I was out last night to celebrate the birthday of a friend's brother (any excuse) and I ended up drinking far too much (enough to maintain a full-Sunday hangover that is still sticking with me).

Anyway, on the walk home at about 1am I put the world to rights. Every issue was discussed, out loud, to the night sky. Luckily I was walking on a quiet road, so nobody was subjected to my drunken ramblings. And there was music.

As I was rounding the corner about 5 minutes from home, just after pausing to relieve myself in a bush, I came up with an idea for a post that would set the Internet aflame. Everyone would link to my post, hailing my genius as I used a logic that could only be described as sublime in dissecting the issues that face us in this modern world.

Worried that my genius would be lost in the fog of my failing memory, and lacking the paper and pen I required to protect my epiphany from the ravages of alcohol-induced amnesia, I fished around for my mobile phone and entered my wisdom into a text message. Saving it as a draft I congratulated myself on my resourcefulness.

And so to bed.

This morning, a faint nagging in the back of my mind made me pick up the phone and look in the draft folder, where I found a single word:


Unfortunately that's all I remember.

The post would have been great, though.
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