Bits and Pieces

Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Bob Zangas, a fellow blogger, was killed last week while serving as a Marine Corps Reservist south of Baghdad. I'd never heard of him until today, and never seen his blog, but after reading a few of his entries it becomes clear that he was one of the good guys.

This is an excerpt from his final post:

"...It points out to the fact that this is a society that is in desperate need of everything. It is like pouring a cup of water out in a dry desert. The water disappears and you are left with the feeling of "did it do any good?" Sometimes the answer is "yes." Sometimes the answer is "no." Sometimes you wait for the flower to grow. I don't mean to sound depressed because I am not. I am enjoying this work immensely. It is very gratifying... as long as the flowers grow eventually. I have hope that they will."

Rest in peace, Bob.
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