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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Blogger Quiz

I'm gonna find this a little tricky, but I'll try to take this quiz (hat tip: tony pierce)

1. Which political party do you typically agree with?

None (sorry for the copout).

2. Which political party do you typically vote for?


3. List the last five presidents that you voted for?

I'm 22 and live in the UK. I've never voted in any election.

4. Which party do you think is smarter about the economy?

Neither main party has anything like a sensible economic policy. I can't remember a party that ever did.

5. Which party do you think is smarter about domestic affairs?


6. Do you think we should keep our troops in Iraq or pull them out?

We have little choice but to put more in. Bush can't say we didn't warn him.

7. Who, or what country, do you think is most responsible for 9/11?

No particular country. Terrorists don't suddenly stop at international boundaries. There's probably a hell of a lot in Saudi Arabia, though.

8. Do you think we will find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

Yep. We've opened the door and invited them in. There weren't any prior to 2003, though.

9. Yes or no, should the U.S. legalize marijuana?

I don't touch the stuff, but I've got no problem with you guys using.

10. Do you think the republicans stole the last presidental election?

I don't think it was entirely fair, no.

11. Do you think Bill Clinton should have been impeached because of what he did with Monica Lewinski?

Did it diminish his ability to perform his job? As long as he kept the country together he could chase as much tail as he wanted, as far as I care.

12. Do you think Hillary Clinton would make a good president?

I dunno. Worth a try.

13. Name a current democrat who would make a great president.

He or she isn't currently working in politics. It's some average Joe who hasn't been tainted by tailored suits.

14. Name a current republican who would make a great president.


15. Do you think that women should have the right to have an abortion?

Of course. Once. If you don't learn the lesson the first time, you're having that kid and you better make a damn good job of it.

16. What religion are you?


17. Have you read the Bible all the way through?

I can never read a book when I know how it ends.

18. What's your favorite book?

Oh, God. Don't make me choose. It's probably something by Bill Bryson.

19. Who is your favorite band?

There are so many. I'll abstain.

20. Who do you think you'll vote for president in the next election?

If I was American, it'd probably be Kerry, if only because the idea of 4 more Bush years scares me.

21. What website did you see this on first? + busblog

Also, Tony notes that the Madpony girls haven't posted for over a month. Madpony was probably the first blog I ever read. It'd be a shame if they've given it up.
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