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Saturday, May 15, 2004

My First Wheels

A mere 5 years after getting my drivers licence, I'm in the market for my first car. Since I'm a guy, I'll carefully consider such factors as fuel efficiency, insurance premiums and safety features and then buy a car that goes fast and makes a really loud growling noise.

But seriously, I've chosen a 2001 Ford Focus. A friend at work recommended a guy who sells ex-fleet cars at ridiculously low prices, so I'm looking at a car with a lot of miles on the clock but a good clean service history and a well-tended engine.

I never thought I could afford a car, but after looking at my budget it appears that I spend almost £80 per month just on Diet Coke (seriously). That's a little more than ridiculous, so I'll have to become more acquainted with the water cooler at work and dump the 3 bottles of Diet Coke (and 1 Cherry Coke) in favour of the clear stuff. Apart from the Coke I spend £400 per year on public transport, so at the end of the day, I'll just be able to scrape the money together. It'll cut my daily commute by 2 hours, so cutting out the caffeine is a small price to pay.

*By the way, that '£' symbol is supposed to mean Pounds Sterling, but Blogger doesn't seem to understand it.*
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