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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I Blog For Groupies

Dean has a few good pieces of advice on how to promote your weblog. I always enjoy reading articles about weblog promotion, even though they rarely contain any new information. The standard formula is always 'write often, write well'.

Meanwhile, James has a depressing piece of advice over at OTB.

Back at Dean's World one of the commenters, Lucy, has a suggestion for new bloggers:

Consider why you want to build Rome in the first place. Do you really want to rule a booming metropolis or would you be happier in a quaint little cottage at the beach? There's nothing wrong with either choice, but don't let the culture force you to default to the idea that bigger hit numbers will inherently make you happier.

For me the reward of writing is finding someone talking about one of my posts on their site. To write something that catches a reader's attention and makes them think is great. It rarely happens, though.

However, I must admit that I would prefer to have a thousand readers a day skimming the site than 50 readers who really pay attention. The frustrating thing about starting up is attracting first-time readers, and there is no tried and tested formula. It's a hard slog, and rarely rewarding, but eventually you might get your metropolis, or the cottage.

In all honesty, I blog for the groupies.
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