Bits and Pieces

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Just When You Think Life Sucks, it Just Goes and Sucks Ten Times Harder (or 'Fucking Hell, When Will I Stop Getting Shit On From a Great Height?')

I had the worst day at work in memory yesterday. I had a disciplinary scheduled for after lunch which was bad enough, but the worst was yet to come. I work with this young lady (I believe I mentioned her way back when we first met) who is beautiful, funny, and smart. The girl likes Playstation, for Christ's sake. In short, she's near perfect. I've been besotted with her since the day we met. The problem was that she was in a 9-year relationship, and I'm not one to try to break something like that up, so I didn't made a move in 7 months. She's the only thing that kept me at my awful job this long. I've turned down higher paid work because I didn't want to leave her. She often complained about how stale her relationship was, so I was just biding my time. Too much biding, it turned out.

Just before I was called into the disciplinary hearing she told me she was seeing someone from the office. Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Bart falls for his new next door neighbour, and then gets his heart torn out in the treehouse when she tells him she has a boyfriend? I felt like that poor fool. I sloped into my hearing and just stared at the ground for five minutes as they ran through the charges and asked for an explanation, an explanation I didn't care enough to give, and then sat in the Reception as they decided my fate. I got a written warning, but by this point I'd already decided to hand in my notice. Fuck 'em.

The moral of the story is take your chances while you can cause if you don't some unscrupulous fuckhead won't mind taking them for you. Nice guys finish last.
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