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Saturday, October 23, 2004

New Beheading Video

From AP:

Iraqi militants beheaded a man, presumably Iraqi, who said he worked for the US military in the northern city of Mosul for the past 10 months, a videotape posted on Islamic web sites showed.
The killing was claimed by the Ansar al-Sunnah Army, a group that has taken responsibility for the beheading of a Turkish driver and Arab Shi'ite Muslim in two tapes that surfaced earlier this month and 12 Nepalese construction workers, whose killing was shown in a video posted on August 31.

In the latest tape, a man wearing what appeared to be a US-military issue brown T-shirt and speaking in Arabic described himself as Seif Adnan Kanaan, adding that he worked as a vehicle mechanic and drinks deliverer for US forces based at Mosul airport.

The tape showed him with his hands tied behind his back seated in front of three armed, masked militants and a black banner with white Arabic script bearing the militant group's name.

The tape did not specify the man's nationality, but he appeared to be Iraqi. It was also not clear when he was captured or killed.

One militant described Kanaan as a "crusader spy recruited by the American troops to follow and carry information about the mujahedeen in Mosul." The militant also accused the captive of cursing Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

"I am telling anybody who wants to work with Americans to not work with them," Kanaan said shortly before being killed. "I found out that the mujahideen have very accurate information (and) strong intelligence about everything. They are stronger than I thought."
The tape then shows a militant slitting the victim's throat before severing his head and placing it on his back.

In their campaign to force US-led forces out of Iraq, insurgents have targeted people, including Arabs, they regard as supporting the American military.

Rusty Shackleford has more on the story and links to the video.

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