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Monday, November 22, 2004

Before I Go To Bed...

It's about to turn 6am, and that's my cue to go to bed (hey, I don't have a job - I can stay up as late as I want). Before I go, a final thought.

I was talking on the phone with a friend a couple of days ago and we got on the subject of blogging. As with most of my friends, she has no idea what a blog is (beyond what I've tried to tell her about them - 'well, it's sort of like a news site, but you don't get paid or anything. And sometimes we post photos of our cats. Hello? Huh, she hung up'). My attempts at explaining what we do are usually met with baffled stares mixed with more than a little pity - but this brings me to my point.

I don't care that my friends think I'm a little pathetic for doing this. I'm proud that people read what I write. OK, I'm no Instapundit, but maybe 500-1000 people visit here every day and read what I'm writing. That's something to be proud of. I'm proud that I got in, maybe not on the ground floor, but at least on a low enough level that you could comfortably walk up the stairwell without losing your breath. I've been here almost 2 years and I'm still plugging away.

A few more readers - and maybe a little money - wouldn't go amiss, but I'm happy. I'm happy to stay up until 6am reading other blogs and posting on mine. I'm happy when I'm browsing through another site and I see a mention of Sortapundit. I'm happy when you guys care enough about a post to write in the comments. I'd be happier if a few more of you would donate to my brother's marathon fund but hey, you can't have everything. In short, I'm a happy bunny. You keep reading and I'll keep writing and, hopefully, one day Sortapundit will be a daily read for millions.

Hey, it's not that unlikely. Stop laughing.

OK, it's bedtime. Night all.
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