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Sunday, November 28, 2004


Michelle Malkin draws my attention to the story that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has nixed a government-funded campaign to provide 5 cent condoms to the public... because they're flavoured.

Since January, the Public Health Department spent $115,000 in funds provided by the Bush administration for 5-cent condoms for distribution by public health clinics across the state as a tool to combat sexually transmitted disease, particularly in oral sex.

So, the good Governor rescinded the program because it didn't comply with his 'moral values' (Good God, when will that term die?)

In my opinion, we should be doing everything we possibly can to get young people to practise safe sex. I live a mile or so from a massive estate of state housing, and every day I see teenage mothers living on state benefits while pushing twin prams around the streets because they didn't grasp the fact that sperm makes babies (where do I watch this from? My ivory tower, of course. I've never had unprotected sex, so I'll throw as many stones as I can carry).

What pisses me off is that the people who have a problem with sexual health programs encouraging safe sex (and thus, discouraging abstinence) are the very same folk who spend their weekends throwing eggs at abortion clinics. These guys have to make a choice - promote safe sex or see a rise in the abortion rate. You just can't have it both ways, fellas. People will always have sex. It's just too much fun to abstain. People will, however, do it safely given the correct incentive - let's accept that there are many people who are not intelligent enough to be convinced to rubber up by the twin threats of unwanted pregnancy and disease. Idiot need a strawberry flavoured penis or they'll go without.

If I was in political office in the UK, this would be my response to the Governor. Either restart the program, or we will withhold the export of the 62-87,000 doses of flu vaccine you just ordered from us. Asshole.
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