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Thursday, December 16, 2004

FCC Plans to Auction Bandwidth

Now here's an interesting piece of news. The Federal Communications Commission has decided to auction radio frequencies in the 800MHz band, a move that will allow passenger to not only use cell phones in flight but also pave the way for broadband Internet access. More details here and here.

The idea of in-flight broadband access would be welcome. I don't fly often, but the last long-haul I had to endure was from the UK to Melbourne, Australia - an even 24 hours, with nothing but a few bad movies and Everybody Loves Raymond for company. If I'd been able to spend 24 hours blogging and reading the experience would have been almost pleasant (if it wasn't for the obviously new couple going at it in the seats next to me from London to Singapore).

However, the idea that cell-phone use would be allowed is an absolute nightmare. Imagine spending 24 hours in a window seat, blocked in by an asshole making business deals and talking about how he'd so tap that ass if she just dropped a few pounds.

If I kill a man over international waters, who has jurisdiction?
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