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Sunday, December 12, 2004

It's That Time of Year Again

This post is periodically moved to the top of the page. So far we have raised $30. Hopefully that total will be considerably higher before April.

Once again, my older brother Scott is preparing to run a charity marathon. On 24th April 2005 Scott will be running the Lochaber marathon in Fort William, Scotland.

I ran an appeal for him before he ran this year's Flora London Marathon (his results are here), but the lacklustre response amounted to a sum total of zero pounds sterling (that converts to zero US dollars), so this year we're hoping for a slightly better response.

He'll be running the marathon to raise money for the Vidhiyadan School, Hennur Bande, Bangalore in India. This is the school he volunteered at for 3 months this year. I don't want to make it seem like I'm tugging at your heartstrings here (I'm kidding - I'm trying to play you like a violin), but it cost him a severe bout of malaria and gastroenteritis, and he spent the last three weeks in hospital with an unpleasant case of dysentery (that's commitment for ya).

So, if you have a few dollars to spare, anything will help. Thank you.

Tired out and stinking after the London Marathon Posted by Hello

Scott pretends to be in charge, but the kids know betterPosted by Hello

Update - a big thanks to the Jawa Report and Daily Pundit for linking the post.

'Nother Update - you can visit my brother's new blog at Thinking Rocks Hard. You know it makes sense.
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