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Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Final Countdown

Sunday, December 12th. And so, the annual popularity contest/link fest that is the Weblog Awards draws to a close. Voting ends today. If you intend to squeeze in a last minute vote, now would be a good time.

This year, almost 400,000 people visited the awards, generating well over 1 million page views. Around 400 weblogs were included over 33 categories. We've seen scandal and ballot stuffing, both without the knowledge of the benefactor and with. I've been gifted around 3,000 hits for awarding a phony endorsement, and all it cost me was a quick sketch of a semi-clad conservative pundit. We've seen disillusionment (is that even a word?) and disgust - even threats of violence. Worse, we've seen threats of violence to kittens. The horror.

We've seen last minute pleas, constant bottom of each post every minute pleas, and pleas to vote for anyone other than the nominee.

We've seen bloggers temporarily hate blogging, bloggers channeling JFK through GWB for INDC, and the Llama Butchers claiming that their winning the Best Culture award would herald Armageddon.

And finally... the depth of depravity. Pictures of llama copulation.

It's been fun.

P.S. I'm making my endorsement for best humour blog a tie between IMAO and Jim Treacher.

What do you mean, I can't change my mind at the last minute? I'm accountable to no one, I tell ya!

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