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Monday, December 20, 2004

Risky Business

I just sent an email to the HR manager at my old employer, turning down their offer of 3 days pay as compensation for unfair dismissal. At the time I was quite pleased with myself that they caved and admitted liability, but then I got myself worked up over the weekend.

See, they're offering 3 days pay because I'd already handed in my notice - and only had 3 days left to run when they fired me. That only amounts to £160 (about $310). I've been unable to find any sort of decent work above minimum wage, and part of that must have been due to the fact that I had to admit I got fired every time I have an interview. I'm a leper. I might as well have walked in with a bell around my neck.

Anyway, I got pissed off by it. I gave ACAS a call and asked what they thought, and they said that if I took it to a tribunal I'd get at least one week's pay and compensation for the time I've been out of work. I really don't want the hassle of a tribunal - and the expense of retaining a lawyer - so I emailed work and said I'd settle for £350 ($680). It isn't a huge amount, but it's a week's wage and $150 compensation for my trouble. It seems reasonable to me. Let's see if they agree.

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