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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Yep. We're Still Evil

Huh. Two posts within a few days of each other about crazy feminists objecting to common courtesy, via A Small Victory and Wizbang.

Back where I used to work there was a narrow corridor leading to the reception and bathrooms, at the end of which was a door leading to the offices. Every time I reached the door there was inevitably someone on the other side and, of course, I let them through first while holding the door. It's polite, and it only costs a few seconds. However, there was one young lady (who shall remain nameless) who strode through the door with not a word or even a nod of thanks. Every single time. To make it worse, she often clearly slowed her pace to make me wait, to the point at which I eventually pushed it shut in her face. I have no patience for a feminist power trip. Look how I can make you do my bidding. Quake at my power! I was being courteous - I wasn't being a doorman.

Apart from that example of rudeness, I've never suffered the wrath of over the top feminism, but I must admit I'd be baffled if I experienced it. If it did come up, though, I don't think there's a better reply to a compaint of sexism than the one put forth by Jay Tea in Wizbang's comments:

"I didn't hold the door for you because you're a woman, but because I'm a gentleman."

Failing that, a quick jab to the nose should work. Hey, you asked for equality. You take it like a man.
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