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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Fuck Fuck Fuckety Fuck

Crap. After opening all my mail, watching Forrest Gump and worrying about the bills for a few hours, I thought I'd relax for a few hours with friends in front of a game of football.

My car had other ideas.

The battery must have gone flat while I was away. How the hell can a battery go flat in two weeks? That's just stupid. My dad and I tried to push start it down the hill, but all that achieved was to leave the car 200 yards from my house. We walked back to the house to fetch the jump cables, but they were useless. The battery just won't take a charge. When I connected the cables there are a couple of tiny sparks, and it charged enough to power the interior light for a few seconds, but nowhere near enough for the ignition.

Now, I'm clueless when you get under the bonnet. I usually just hope everything works as it should, and so far I've been fairly lucky. Still, it's looking like I'll need to get a new battery tomorrow, in time to drive to Bolton Monday morning for my new job.



Oh, yeah. Before we fetched the jump cables I thought about using my breakdown cover I was so wise to take out. I checked out my policy, and I get roadside assistance including 1 hour of free labour, my car towed to a garage if it can't be fixed at the roadside, no mileage or call out charges...

as soon as the car is a mile from my home.

Did I say aw fuck yet?
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