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Thursday, January 13, 2005

No Beer and No TV Make Homer Something, Something

Well, it's the penultimate day of the holiday, and I'm soaking up as much sun as possible in anticipation of many cold months of British weather ahead. It's just gone 11am and it's hot enough to sit on the beach and bake a little more. Normal blogging service will resume Saturday am.

It's been a strange holiday all told. We hired a car Tuesday and drove to Corallejo on the north tip of the island where they have 6 miles of sand dunes, but apart from that it's just been a lot of lying in the sun. I haven't been out much at night as my brother still isn't on top drinking form after his illness, so most nights have been spent playing bullshit and blackjack. There's been some interesting TV, though. The set only picks up CNBC, Eurosport and CNN in English, but there's a whole host of entertaining German, Italian and Spanish channels. These guys have some seriously weird game shows.

There's been a lot of reading, too. I finished Terry Pratchett's Going Postal in the first few days (if you've never read Pratchett you start today. Seriously). Then came Crichton's State of Fear, which was... different. It's an interesting take on the whole global warming issue, but I'm not well versed enough to argue the science. After State of Fear I realised I hadn't brought enough books, and was forced to buy a trashy Ben Bova sci-fi piece of crap at an overblown price from the commercial centre, before my brother lent me Arthur Golden's excellent Memoirs of a Geisha - which should see me through to the end of the holiday. Memoirs.. is by far the best novel I've read this year, but as the year is only 2 weeks old and I've only read 4 books so far that's not so impressive. I do believe, however, that it'll still be the best come 31st December 2005. Only time will tell.

Anyway, the sun is shining and I'm still sitting in the shade wasting the day. Hasta manana, amigos.
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