Bits and Pieces

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Instead of a Real Post...

Never let the fuel gauge go into the red

Never post what you think of the boss on your blog

Never post what you think of your friends on your blog

Never ever post what you think of a woman on your blog

You will never look manly with a moustache

At a urinal, the number of shakes is a judgement call. 20 shakes, however, is playing with yourself

'I've only had 3 beers' should be followed by the call 'Taxi!'

You will find your first grey hair many years before you expect

Nothing will make you feel masculine like chopping wood

Its OK to like chick flicks. Just... not too often

You should know how to change a tyre

You should know the capital of Australia

You should have a pet

A snake isn't a pet

You should be able to light a fire without matches

Going out in winter without a coat doesn't make you a man. It makes you an idiot

You should be eccentric. You shouldn't be weird

It's a fine line

There are very few causes worth dying for. You have one life. You can pick up another 5 causes on any street corner

'It feels better' isn't an excuse not to wear a condom

When asked what date you're going on holiday you'll always look at your watch before answering
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