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Saturday, September 10, 2005

When is a Crescent Just A Crescent?

Outrage was expressed today (OK, not everywhere) at the chosen design of the Auschwitz Memorial Maze, entitled Glorious Swastika, to be built in time to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Nazi labor camp some 60 miles south of Krakow, Poland.

In an open contest hosted by the Herbert Itler Society, the winning design was proposed by Harold Immler.

"This is not about religion per se," remarks Immler, "It's a spiritual space, and a sacred place, but it's open to anyone. The word swastika, in fact, means 'happy smily place' in (mumble, mumble), and the symbol is Eurasian in origin and is actually a sign of good fortune."

Almost immediately on seeing the design, bloggers began to remark that perhaps the use of a swastika to commemorate the death of between 1 and 1.5 million Jews may be seen by some as offensive.

"Nonsense", remarked Immler. As an architect I can assure you that the design is not intended to be symbolic of anything. Rather, it is simply an arrangement of eight straight lines arranged in a cross formation, each arm of the cross with another arm running at right-angles. Surely no one could object to such an innocent design. I only chose it because there is beauty in it's simplicity. And the straight lines make it easy to mow around."
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