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Sunday, June 25, 2006


I'm baffled. I signed up to Google Ads a couple of days back, and their reporting module is giving me some odd data. Now, it's against Google's TOS to disclose more or less any information about Google Ads, but I'm sure it's OK to talk about my hits.

I use 3 stats trackers to check my traffic - Site Meter, Statcounter and Reinvigorate. Traffic has been sluggish the last few days - Site Meter says I got about 125 page views yesterday, Statcounter says 122, and Reinvigorate says 118. The Google Ads reporting module, however, gives me 351.

Stats trackers have never been perfect. I don't think I've ever had a day in which any two of them give identical results, but a difference of over 200? That's just silly. Still, I'm inclined to believe Google, if only because I like bigger numbers, damnit.

Anyway, on the subject of the Google Ads, I've been getting nothing but ads for George Bush dolls and George Bush impersonators. Very odd. Maybe it has something to do with my keywords for the site. NB - this isn't a request for you to click on the ads, look at them, or even think about George Bush. Google seem to have a stick up their butt about generating clicks.

Update - Dean Esmay cleared it up in the comments. I always assumed my counters logged all of my hits, but it appears they only log hits on the front page. I'm not sure how to make them log hits on the archives as the codes for all the counters are inserted directly into the Blogger template. If anyone has any suggestions please email me or leave a comment. Cheers.
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