Bits and Pieces

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tech Stuff

Oh! Oh! OH! Guess what I just bought. No? OK, fuck you then. I'll just tell you.

My car CD player was stolen around January and I've been using a crappy portable CD player rigged up through a cassette adaptor into the standard Ford tape player since. Its crap, plain and simple. The sound is shit and its a ballache to unplug everything when I get out of the car.

So. I saved my pennies and have bought a kickass CD/MP3 player. Plus! It has a USB port and a slot for a memory stick. The upshot is that I can copy music from my PC onto a USB flash drive to avoid the hassle of burning CDs, or play the music I keep on my mobile phone through the car speakers using my Sony memory stick.

I'm dangerously excited. I may actually come when the postman arrives. That would be hilarious.

Oh, and I also bought a nice chrome Zippo cigarette lighter. I'm always losing those things, along with every pen I've ever owned and at least half my socks. There's probably a highly flammable, very smelly lost and found room somewhere with all the stuff I've ever lost in it.

It'd have wonderful penmanship, though. You know, wonderful for a room. Its not like the bar would be set too high to begin with.
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