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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Updated Axis of Evil

President Bush today announced a reshuffle of his wildly popular Axis of Evil. After an initial sulk following the ruling that he was only allowed three choices (he thought that he, as King... er, scratch that... President, should be allowed more) Mr. Bush nominated the replacement for Iraq.

The new axis, to be announced in a live press conference sometime this week, is as follows : -

Iran - Perennial nogoodniks, Iran will remain firmly at the top of the list. As it turns out, they were initially included due to a mis-spelling of Iraq by Mr. Bush, who later decided he liked the look of the list as it was, and decided not to remove them.

North Korea - As we all know, N Korea was included in the axis after Kim Jong-Il and Mr. Bush showed up at a White House function wearing the same outfit. When Mr. Bush complained to the Korean leader, he retorted with the classic 'talk to the hand', outlawed in 48 states. Things have been decidedly chilly ever since.

And finally, the new addition to the axis, following the complete destruction of Iraq :-


What did you expect? Syria? That's, like, so last week.
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