Bits and Pieces

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Unaccountable Popularity

It will never cease to amaze me the way in which my popularity rocketed in my absence. Back when I used to post every day I couldn't get hits for love nor money (not that I ever tried love - I'm a bitter little monkey).

However, the minute my back is turned people start coming in droves. Apparently I now receive about 250 hits a day. Not bad for a simple blog.

Even more baffling, however, is the fact that other sites began to link to me. Every other day I would get an e-mail to let me know about a new link. My Google page rank crept up, and I now peer down at my loyal readership from the dizzy heights of a 4/10 rank (which has now been - hopefully temporarily - reset to 0 since the move) Hello down there.

What's more, I turn up at the top of the page with a Google search for 'War+Bush'. Answer me this: when was the last day during which you didn't do such a search? It's the first thing you do after breakfast, isn't it? No... before breakfast. No... you skip breakfast to do the search, and then phone in sick at work so you can stay home and read my new posts.

Anyway, now I'm back I fully expect you all to fuck off back to wherever you came from, just to spite me.. I sincerely hope you don't, though.
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