Bits and Pieces

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

President Begins Attack

Bush took his first direct swipe at Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Speaking to an audience of Republican governors, Bush said the Democratic field offered diverse opinions on a host of issues.

“For tax cuts and against them. … For liberating Iraq and opposed to it,” he said, ticking off several other examples and adding the punch line: “And that's just one senator from Massachusetts.”

I don't like the guy, but his speechwriters can occasionally come up with a good line.

So this will be the strategy. I expect Bush to continue along the lines of 'they don't have any solutions' followed by a generous helping of 'they are running a negative campaign'. From what I have seen of the Democratic campaign so far the guy has a point. As I said the other day, the Democrats need to come up with some firm aims if they expect the public to put their trust in them. With approval ratings plunging, Bush can't afford to take the high road and delaythe start of his campaign. Considering Bush has raised over $100 million for the fight we can expect some pretty hardcore campaigning soon.
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