Bits and Pieces

Saturday, February 21, 2004


Let me tell you a cautionary tale. Before I settled on the name Sortapundit, I flirted with (since I am English). I was at work at the time, so I clicked through the annoying 'Internet usage strictly prohibited' notice and logged on.

My first port of call was Lycos, as that was where I bought for a reasonable price. It allowed free URL forwarding, and was relatively user-friendly. However, the site wouldn't accept payment with my Visa Electron card (a 'real' Visa card was refused due to huge student debt).

So, on I toddled to Google, which came up with, a respectable looking site that would sell me for $35. They accepted my card, and I went on to the 'my account' page... Only to find that one of the conditions of use was that they could place an 'unintrusive' advertisement in the browser window. Of course I hadn't read the terms and conditions before registering the domain (who does?) so I didn't have a leg to stand on.

Anyway, I went on and finally found a site that would accept an Electron card with no strings and ended up buying Anyway, before you move on, just click here and see exactly how 'unintrusive' the ad is.
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