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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

WMD Not Found, Public Indifferent

So, at the end of another busy 'news' day, lets have a quick recap. Just to get it straight in my mind, I'll think about this whole Iraq thing. I'm a little slow sometimes, so I'll be using my smallest words.

It's so hard to write about this war, for the simple reason that none of it made a lick 'o sense. Why the hell were we there? Did we win? Is the public still as stupid and clueless as ever? So many questions vying for my attention.

So, Baby Bush wanted to kill some people to make himself look tough. OK, he's the President, so I guess that's OK. If I were to try it I'd be thrown in jail, but that's not the point. He has about 300 million idiots nodding along in agreement and no court willing or able to do a damn thing about this little monkey-faced Hitler, so that makes it OK. As Voltaire said, it is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

As I've been saying for years to anyone unfortunate enough to get trapped in a conversation with me, this little smarmy fuck should never have been able to rise to a position more important than, say, traffic warden or McDonalds 'crew member'. You know, the kind of job where he could get into the kind of soporific low-grade unpleasantness that those kind of people are born to.

Unfortunately, Bush was born into something else: money. From an early age he was taught that he would be privileged. In the same way that beautiful people never have to develop a good personality, this rich dick never had to work a day in his life. Feel like trying out one of these 'job' things, George? Here, have a baseball team. Not your thing? How about a cushy government job?

I can imagine him as a young man - sweater draped casually over his shoulders, laughing with his rich buddies as an old lady falls in the street, gets hit in the face by a truck. George takes the sweater, wipes away the tears of laughter from his eyes, mixed with blood. Ah, happy days, eh Georgey boy?

Anyway, I digress. Back to the point. Little Bush made good. Stole an election from its rightful winner (hey, that doesn't mean I think Gore would have done a better job, but I feel that isn't the point somehow). Anyway, what do I care? I don't even live in the US. If they want to pretend they live in a democracy they can make up comforting lies until the cows come home. Anytime anyone says anything about the election now (yes you, Mr. Moore) everyone just mumbles something about the electoral college under their breath and then calls you anti-American. A lie told often enough becomes the truth (I think that's the Bush family motto). Get another beer, America. The good guys are in charge.

What is it with me and digression tonight? Can't seem to stay on-subject. So - Iraq. Some ragheads flew some planes into some buildings. Killed a bunch of people. Now every American I speak to claims to have known someone who died in the towers. I did the math on this, and it seems that every person who died that day had approximately 100,000 close friends. Hey, I know you Americans are friendly, but come on. Anyway, couple of years later we still can't find that Bin Laden dude, but hey, they all look alike don't they? Hell, I bet if we shaved Saddam and made him drop a few pounds he'd look the spit of Osama. So, we have a target. Now, all we need is a good reason. OK, how about a bad reason? Can't think of one? Alright, just put together some piece of shit fabrication about some weapons. Oh, and add some little hint about nuclear stuff with sketchy details. That always freaks people out. Don't think that'll fly with the public? They don't give a fuck as long as we're attacking little brown people. Attacking Whitey makes them a little... uneasy.

Anyway, to cut a long and stupid story short, we picked apart the crap about WMDs. Bush didn't want to wait for confirmation because he knew none would arrive. Hell, we knew it too, but we're so damned apathetic the best we could do is walk around cities holding a few sad and mildly amusing placards. The war went ahead, and now it is hailed as a victory for the Coalition.

But what have we won? We're now in control of a country full of sick and starving people; we'll have the entire region preparing to fight us off if we try the same thing against them; we have thousands of Muslims growing up with an even better reason to strap on some bombs and go huntin' for 'mericans and, finally, our faith in our own governments have been shaken. Now we know that not only will they ignore the UN, but they will also ignore the citizens. Why should I bother voting for a government that doesn't represent me? I might as well move to the hills, buy some weapons and stop paying my taxes. After all, why should I pay for my government to go on a killing spree? If they want to do that they can get a piggy bank and a paper round to pay for their own bombs.

So while the people of America and the UK should now be up in arms against the government for lying to us about the motives for this war, our leaders are riding waves of popularity and we go back to watching the West Wing in the belief that it makes us political experts. Why? Surely we should be filling the streets baying for the blood of the people who smile while they fuck us in the ass every day. We know this won't stop until we say it stops. We'll keep attacking countries for stupid reasons until we say enough is enough.

Anyway, I'm sick of thinking about the whole mess. Every day I hear something else that further destroys my faith in my government, and I've taken to avoiding the news. If anyone wants me I'll be in the back digging the fallout shelter. I hear those Syrians have been developing nuclear weapons, so I'd better go panic until that nice Bush fella takes care of 'em for me.


OK, it's about 7am on Saturday. I was just watching the news, and that little monkey fuck 'President' Bush appeared in a dress. I think he was speaking at some commencement thing or something. Anyway, I caught his last statement on the subject of our 'victory' in Iraq. The statement was 'Do not bet against the success of freedom'. What the fuck? Hey, George, I think the fact that we had all those big ass missiles and the largest, most well-trained fighting force on Earth helped us out more than our own virtue, you sanctimonious fuckhead. AAAAHHHH, that weasel makes my blood boil. I'm too mad to type, going for a smoke. Grrrrr.
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