Bits and Pieces

Sunday, April 25, 2004

'In The Navy'... Stop Singing That

I had my second interview last Thursday at the Armed Forces Careers Office. It was much, much more terrifying than the first (at least before the first interview I didn't know I would be grilled by a Royal Marine).

I'd been working on some of the questions I was asked last time, so I was a little more prepared. I can't describe how badly the first interview went. I couldn't remember basic facts, my words came out in broken sentences and I hardly made any eye contact. I usually suck at interviews, but never that bad.

Anyway, this one was much better. I could answer most of the questions he threw at me, and when it was over I got put through to the next stage. So, all I have to do now is fill out the application forms, pass a government security check, get through a three-day Admirality Interview Board, and I'll be Sub Lieutenant Keith Taylor BSc (Hons.)

Sure, some would say I'm just trying to add as many letters and titles onto my name. I say to those people, 'shut the hell up', and then let out an evil cackle.
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