Bits and Pieces

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

TV or not TV (Ed: sorry)

I forgot to mention the article at Political Animal about the effects of TV on the attention span of kids.

I've assumed for many years that TV viewing habits have an effect on both attention span and intelligence. I have a few friends who grew up either without a TV or in homes where the TV was relegated to a back room. These people have all gone on to study for their Masters degrees, doctorates or some other form of post-graduate study, and spend their free time reading books written in languages I've never heard of about topics I cannot fathom.

I, on the other hand, watched far too much TV as a youngster, spent my teenage years watching Sky TV (offering dozens of channels of questionable educational value) and now spend my downtime in front of a widescreen monster with 100's of channels of Sky Plus pumped through a truly bewildering surround sound sytem.

I barely scraped a 2:2 in Geography. Hey, I just saw a shiny thing. I'll just...
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