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Friday, October 08, 2004

Er.. Hello Again

Well, I'm back from my sabbatical. I'm rested and ready for action, and fuck me if I haven't gone a touch right wing in the past 3 months. Considering that this site began life as, a collection of petty rants about our favourite Republican, I never expected to reach a point at which I could sit down and think, 'Hey, that guy talks sense'.

I've always veered a little to the left. Nothing extreme, but I like to think I do my bit for those less fortunate than me. I was happy to pay my taxes, because I'm lucky and some people aren't. But then I got a paycheck a couple of months ago and something snapped in my Labour-supporting head. 'Fuck 'em', I thought. There aren't that many people with less money than me.

Since Labour got into power I've put myself through university (and paid fees every year for the privilege, thank you very much, Mr Blair). My older brother started his degree during the Conservative years, and he was actually paid a grant to study. Since graduating I've seen a huge chunk of my salary vanish into a pit of government waste. Hell, I'm young. I probably won't be needing to use a hospital any time soon. I pay road tax, which should pay for the upkeep of the roads I use. I probably won't need to draw any benefits (as long as I don't lose my job in a freak accident involving a cup of coffee and a big foam finger... I don't know, I'm just spitballing ideas here). In short, gimme back all my money. Damn the poor. They could work if they wanted. I have £25,000 of student debts to pay off. I'm tired of altruism.

Anyway, more to come shortly.
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