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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Left Wing Explodes, Calls Foul

Did you hear that?

That was the sound made by a blogger's brain at the exact moment it cracks and lets out a big flood of crazy. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we've reached the point at which the 'They're trying to steal the election!!!!' crowd passes beyond the limits of rational thought.

Apparently this flyer is being distributed in black neighbourhoods in Milwaukee to dissuade first time black voters. It's being trumpeted by Talk Left, Kos, ISOU, Oliver Willis and Pandagon as the latest attempt by the right to intimidate voters.

I have to finish writing this pretty quick as I just got another email from that nice African guy who needs to use my bank account to get his money out of his country.

Seriously, does this look like the work of a nefarious right wing organisation attempting to intimidate voters? No. Does it look like a badly spelled, terribly punctuated flyer knocked up by a couple of kids? Probably.

David A at ISOU has this to say:
'The fact that this is a fucking joke to some people shows me just how much
they really care about this issue, and their sensitivity to the rights of
minorities which may be being stomped on right now.'

But David, this is a joke. Not only is it a joke, but it's a ridiculously obvious joke. It's written in such a way that it's almost unbelievable that any sane person, even one who has spent the last 4 years convincing themselves over and over that the right wing is nothing but an evil machine hell-bent on destruction, baby killing and using the Constitution as toilet paper while laughing maniacally and firing weapons at cute animals, could not... get... the joke.

If anyone in your family has ever been found guiulty of anything you
can't vote in the presidential election.


Item 1 - It doesn't specify whether they mean immediate family or extended family.

Item 2 - It doesn't specify what 'anything' means. Are they talking about a criminal conviction, or that time your mother found those, er, specialist magazines in your room.

Item 3 (and this is the big one) - They spelled 'guilty' wrong, for crying out loud! Who does that?

Let's all settle down people. Voters might be being intimidated from all sides as we speak, by people who move in shadow and hold vast power behind the scenes. But not by this.

It's a relief that there are some who still have the full use of their faculties in these final few days. Say Anything and Protein Wisdom seem to be making sense.
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