Bits and Pieces

Sunday, October 10, 2004

More of This Crap?

From ABC News (thanks to the Jawa Report):

'A suicide car bomber rammed into an army convoy in Indian-controlled Kashmir on Saturday, triggering an explosion that left four people dead and 22 wounded, the army said.
Two soldiers, a civilian and the bomber were killed in the attack on a highway connecting Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu-Kashmir state, with the frontier town of Uri, an army garrison, said Lt. Col. V. K. Batra.'

Iraq, Israel, Kashmir - is there a single place left in the world where you don't run the risk of being blown into 500 bloody pieces every time you leave your house? Please let me know, cause I'm moving. My brother was scheduled to be very close to Kashmir about now. It's good to have him where I can keep a close eye on him. He's exactly the kind of person who would step on the land mine in a field of cushions.
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